Pond in late spring

Lovely old tools


My shed covered in Clematis Montana

A few pictures added when I had time as usually I'm out making someone's garden beautiful !

Lots of green groundcover under my beech hedge. Great weed suppressant.

Heavy gargoyle from Portpatrick protects house.

We feed the hedgehogs every night. They thrive in the organic garden.

I leave pots that have passed their best overwinter. I tidy them in spring. leaving more cover for insects.

Wild and leafy at the front door. Lots of sparrows hide in the ivy.

My wildlife pond has many visitors.

Ramp added to let mammals get out easily!

Annie's Harley in her organic garden!

Vintage Gardener

The vintage philosophy is old fashioned hard work to create gardens loved by clients whilst remaining sustainable and environmentally friendly

This fuchsia grows happily in one of my compost bins A hole in the wire allows hedgehogs in.

Rudbeckia for late season colour